Pioneering Families of Australia


The founding of a nation...

Welcome, and thanks for visiting my site; I hope you find some useful and interesting information here.  This site is my attempt to record the pioneering ancestors of several families connected to me.   It contains a touch of nostalgia and a hint of poetic licence mixed with substantial historical fact and family data.   I make no apologies for the bias towards the female line, but we know who our mothers were!


A full list of the names recorded can be found on the "Is your name here page?" but includes the family names of Kersley, Molloy, McLeod, McClurg, Diedrich, Mummery, Robertson, and Devlin, just to name a few.  To date more than 2200 individual names are recorded together with 650 family names.  (Two major databases relating to earlier ancestors are maintained seperately and are available if you are interested).


I have embarked upon this journey (in its own way an adventure) to ensure the history of our families is not totally lost for our children and grandchildren.  Whilst some work had been carried out previously on the Kersley tree, virtually nothing had been done on my side of the Devlins, McLeods, Diedrichs.  In addition, some previous research had been carried out on the Moore's and Mummery's, but none of it had been recorded in this manner.


To my sons, their cousins and their descendants, to my cousins, second cousins and their descendants, I entrust the responsibility of continuing this history, to broaden the tree, ensuring to expand its base and keep it growing as proudly and strongly as the last nine generations; and to remember each and every one of us is only here because of those who went before.


If just one of those mentioned in your direct line didn’t exist, then neither would you!


Do not dismiss them lightly, they were pioneers all.

Beach Picnic - about 1910 - 1912.  Click here for details