Pioneering Families of Australia



Graeme Cheeseman,

Author First Families website


Archivist at Trinity Germany Lutheran Church, East Melbourne


Scotlands People, New Register House, Edinburgh


Stevenson McGilchrist  author

William Robertson,Victorian Pioneer 1837 - 1890 (self published)


State Library of NSW


State Library of Victoria


Museum Victora


Australian National University , Australian Dictionary of Biography.


Old Gisborne - "The Early Settlement Years"

A collection of letters written by Dr Nicholas M O'Donnell to the "Gisborne Gazette" 1913.  


Old Gisborne - "The Bush Inn"

Letters to the Editor of the "Gisborne Gazette" 1912 - 1913

 (Both compiled, with additional research by the Friends of the Gisborne                                                                                                                                               Library, Genealogical Group.)