Burrowes Family Mementos


This absolutely gorgeous memorial to Arthur Burrowes measures 105 mm by 160 mm on thick black card and is in perfect condition.  The entire writing on the card is in gold with the edges also gilted.


Made by the Art Engraving Co. of of Melbourne in 1901

letter1 present

Until I received these documents I had very little information on Arthur Burrowes, but now we know he was appointed as the Clerk of the Wharf in January 1880.  Just which Whart if still unknown.    


I have since determined that this document relates to Arthurs time in England.  Trinity House, at the time was the organisation responsible for the care and management of all lighthouses in England.


Further details on Trinity House can be found here.

Victorian Government records for various births, deaths and marriages which recorded details of Arthur, show his middle name as Fiennes.

I thought this to be a transcription error when I noted the memorial above which clearly reads France.  However, the letter to the left which was written by Arthur in 1880 appears to read Fiennes.


Fiennes or Fienes was carried by Arthur's father as well.


Would his wife have got his name so wrong on his memorial?


June 13th, 2009 - Leonardo Da Vinci Airport, Rome.


What must the locals have thought?


2 blonde aussie women had taken up residence in the cafeteria, pasta and vino and my trusty laptop.


Margaret Lombardo nee Ray, grand daughter of Wilhelmina Kersley, formerly Burrowes, nee Campion and husband Arthur Fiennes Burrowes meets me, great grand daughter of Wilhelmina & Cornelius Kersley.


Whilst we are a generation apart, Margaret and I hit it off immediately, there she was waiting just outside immigration with her "Barbara Moore" sign - and when I approached a great cheer when up from the limousine and hire car drivers she had been standing with.  


We made a beeline for the cafe and 6 hours later I left the airport again to resume my holiday.  I didn't see a lot of Roma this trip, but the visit was an amazing experience; another relative located and more information for my site.  Margaret was a wealth of information and I will update the Campion/Burrowes/Kersley connections when I confirm a few more details.


Margaret, it was fantastic to meet you.


Sadly, Margaret suffered a stroke not long after my visit and is still recuperating; due to vision damage her mobility is greatly reduced.