Pioneering Families of Australia

Mud pies with glitter ....

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Little is know of where Oliver Devlin was appointed as a teacher, we know he arrived in 1860 and was appointed by the Victorian Government but his school is not known. As he courted and eventually married Marion Stokes from Gisborne, it is possible he was based in the Mt. Macedon area, however on his marriage certificate he gave his "usual place of abode" as Tarawingee which is on the Beechworth to El Dorado Road; I like to think he was a goldfields teacher.

For children living on the goldfields life could seem like a great adventure one day, and very difficult and harsh the next.

The constant moving from one diggings to the next meant lessons were interrupted, friends were made and lost and often at the next diggings, no schooling was available at all.

Many parents were unable to teach their children, due to their own lack of education or their non English speaking background.

children on the goldfields