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Beach Picnic - thought to have been taken around 1910- 1912

Left to Right Standing:   1.  Lucy Burns, 2. Sylvia Burrowes,    3.  James Napoleon Burns,  4. Cornelius Kersley,  5.  Wilhelmina Kersley (formerly Burrowes, nee Campion)  6. Tom Kersley,  7. Girl in white hat     8.  Girl looking sideways   9.  Bill Lawrence Snr.  10.  Christina Howes,  11.  Man at rear  12.   Thomas Roy Burns (?)  

13.  Girl in black hat   14.  Bridget Ellen Lawrence


Middle Row - children kneeling 1. Frederick Burrowes,   2. Amy Burrowes,   3. John Charles Burns (?), 4,  Little girl,  5. Teenage Girl,  6. Teenage girl


Front row  1.  Doreen Burns,  2.  Roy Kersley,   3.John (Jack) Kersley,     4.  Girl with plait   5. Veronica Burns,    6.  Boy in white, 7. Henry Kersley

                      8.  Girl behind      9. Boy cross legged.          

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