Pioneering Families of Australia


Offspring of Note

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Talent under various guises runs strongly through the various families whether it be in music, literature, arts or business.


Biographies of some of these are already available for viewing via this menu button.


From the travelling German gypsy musical family (well that's what the family folk lore is about the Diedrich's) to the renowned Opera Singer, Joseph Browning Mummery.


From living legends such as Erica McGilchrist to the more recent accomplishments of Anita Louise Combe, John Combe and their cousin Miguel Carlos Moore Pascoal de Matos.


Poets and painters, writers and singers , dancers, musicians and entrepreneurs, the family has had them all and continues to produce  them to this day.


But in addition there were many who simply served:-


For King and Country and later for Queen and Country; family members have served in the First and Second World Wars and in Vietnam.  The current generation also has a Reservist.