Pioneering Families of Australia


Visitors' Comments

I hope you have enjoyed visiting this site.  


What I am endeavouring to do here is pay tribute to all those people who are directly or indirectly related to me and my extended family.  But rather than just provide a list of names of people long dead, I have placed them,  where appropriate, into the  historical events of this country.


For what it’s worth, here is my family history; interwoven with a touch of nostalgia, a sprinkling of poetic licence and substantial historical detail.


History shows several of our ancestral familes lived on the goldfields, but I have had to assume they suffered the hardships that were generally experienced, as no record of them remains.  Similarly, with those who lived on the land and in the developing cities.  They were there, hence they experienced the events of the times.  


In addition, we have many members of the families who warrant more than just a line in a database; their achievements will mostly go unrecognised unless I can find more detail.  Several are already recognised here and more will follow.  


Please feel free to leave me a comment, criticism or suggestion, but I would really love your anecdotes and family history.