Pioneering Families of Australia


Who is Left?

What has struck me during the research into my family tree is the fact that whilst there are literally thousands of names on the tree, my direct lines come down to just me and my brother Ray.


Our pioneering families were so prolific, each having  12 - 15 children, most of whom survived, and those that did also has a substantial number of offspring, yet males in the line have been limited and where the males did dominate i.e. with Cornelius Kersley's 3 sons and his oldest son Jack's 3 sons, only 6 children were produced and those 6 have produced only  8, and of that 8 only 7 exist in the current youngest generation and none of them bear the name Kersley!


A similar pattern exists for the names Diedrich, Devlin, McLeod, and Molloy.


On my husband's side, the situation is not dissimilar.


His direct line of Mummery's - i.e. his mother's side has expired, and with the Moore's, the current youngest generation contains 4 males (3 are mine) and the one above just 3.


It is too late for my generation and the offspring of my cousins have done their bit, but one or two children will not be sufficient to keep our once great families alive.


Sadly, it would seem that in less than 200 years, our pioneers' legacy will be gone in all but memory.

Since writing the above I have located several current Devlin's in the male line.  It seems this name is still being proudly carried and will hopefully continue for many years to come.